Noyala Rajakumar

Noyala Rajakumar

Managing Director

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Noyala joined ghg in 2010, bringing with her over 10 years of integrated marketing communication experience within European and global accounts. Starting as an Account Executive and later a Senior Account Director at GHMC, Noyala has been responsible for leading the seamless delivery of multi-million dollar global and local multi-lingual campaigns, both print and digital, for world-renowned brands across a range of therapeutic areas, including but not limited to cardiovascular disease, smoking cessation, growth hormones, paediatric vaccines and ocular health.
Noyala’s expertise is delivering work with a wide reach, from campaign planning, messaging and concept development through to local execution, with a special talent for knowing how to bring together and motivate her team, as well as working closely with clients’ partner agencies. Her substantial understanding of the different stages of product lifecycle from brand re-positioning, product upgrade to new product launches and understanding the evolving target market including patients, consumers and healthcare professionals, has helped win many a pitch and, more importantly, kept many a client very happy knowing their projects are delivered with a strategic direction in mind that will only help meet their current and future business needs.
Noyala’s account expertise is enhanced by her scientific background: she holds a degree in Biology from Paris University in France, a degree in Food Science Agriculture Engineering and an MSc in Marketing Management from Cranfield University in the UK.
Fluent in English and French, Noyala spends her free time away from healthcare communications being mum to her two lovely tweens.

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